Frequently Asked Questions


What are your fees?

Our fees vary depending on which clinician you work with and what service you are receiving. For specific and accurate information contact our front office staff.


Do you accept insurance?

There are clinicians practicing at DWC who do accept several types of insurance. Please contact our front office staff for additional information.


Do you offer services for a reduced fee?

There are special circumstances when our fees can be reduced (i.e.; sliding scale and pro-bono). However, we only have a limited number of slots available for this program. In order to be considered for this program you will need to contact Kristen prior to the onset of services.


How long does treatment last?

Being that everyone is unique, services are tailored to meet each client’s needs. This is typically determined collaboratively between treating clinician and the patient.


What problems do you treat?

At DWC, we have clinicians trained to treat a variety of problems including depression, grief, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD, anger, relationship problems, social skills problems, behavior problems, academic problems, ADHD, sexual problems, identity issues, transitional issues, women’s issues, aging issues, couple’s issues, spiritual issues, and stress management issues.


Who do you treat?

At DWC, we have trained clinicians able and willing to work with most populations.


Can you prescribe medications?

Psychiatrists prescribe medications and we do not currently have a psychiatrist working at DWC. However, if appropriate, the clinician you work with can refer you to the appropriate professional.


Inclement Weather

When inclement weather causes Waxahachie ISD to close, or delay the start of the day, DWC will, accordingly, close or delay. Please visit to obtain information regarding any closures or delays. 




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